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#i think the thing that gets me about this gif is how /tender/ harry is #like of course it’s a joke and stuff #but he doesn’t treat it as a joke? #it’s just like ‘here is an opportunity to kiss a person who i think is funny and who i like’#’i better use this opportunity to show him how much i care’ #’he deserves this kiss’ #the firm but gentle hand on the cheek #the way they break apart and harry looks down and just grins #a face of pure delight #’i kissed my friend!’#and then the little kiss on the top of the head #equal parts fondness and thanks #’i am glad we could share this moment’ #god i’m dying #so important to me #mad about it #hades and persephone

(Fuente: liampaynne)


So I thought this might be an interesting documentary. I figured it’d be largely political and socially relevant. The biggest selling point for me was that Linda Bloodworth-Thomason directed it, and I have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for her.
What I failed to anticipate was how genuinely emotional and affecting the film might be.

I cried and cried and cried.

I’m sitting here now with a headache from the amount of crying I did. I blew my nose a dozen times, and I’m still sniffling.
There wasn’t anything cheap or theatrical about the story that was told or the emotional wallop it packs. It was just a very honest, very touching, and incredibly heartbreaking story.
If you follow me with any regularity you know I rarely post any thoughts or feelings here, that being said, the fact that I’m taking the time to express how this film affected me I hope speaks for itself.

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